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Jilaba Software Services Private Limited was formed in the year 1991. As a member of ESC and GJF, the company is one of the forerunners to venture into the jewellery industry pan-India and Srilanka. Jilaba is constantly growing not by selling its products but more often by extending effective solutions for the specific industry. This has made the company a trustworthly and reliable consultant to work with for various industry leaders

Domain Consultant

Jilaba not alone provide software solution but extend their expertise into the area of domain consultant with their wide knowledge and experience in the jewellery industry.


Jilaba provides extensive service by way of turn key projects, consultancy, manpower support, onsite and online support during and post implementation. Handholding and guidance is our key strength to be in this industry for more than 20 years.

License management

The company maintains stringent Licenese policy management for all its products and practices and hold great value to the non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) between the client and Jilaba thereby ensuring the confidentiality of client procedures.


Jilaba Software Services Private Limited,

have a combined managent experience of more than 100 years in the jewellery domain. Jilaba is managed by Mr.S.Balagee, Managing Director and Corporate Advisor Mr. S.Jambu Mahadevan, Chartered Accountant. The core management team has the President, Vice President, General Manager, Regional Manager-West and Project Manager ably supporting the top management. The company has the manpower strength that are spread between Head Office at Chennai, Branch Office at Mumbai and also across India for onsite support.Jilaba has deployed efficient customer support executives across India who extend maximum guidance and hand-holding support to clients.